Your Idea and You

Take a look at what you bring to hatching your idea. Who can help you with the rest? Most idea hatchers don’t have it all so ask for help and support from your friends, family or colleagues. You may need to hire some help, depending on the size of the project. Don’t despair if you are short on any of these themes…dig deep to access your power. You can do it!

What you personally bring to your project…

couragebelieving you can do itperseveranceresiliencetolerancehumilityself-awarenessdesire to take initiativetolerance for riskability and desire to work with people and inspire their commitment to your ideawillingness to take personal responsibilityreadiness to find help and what you need, and awareness of when to look for helpawareness of the situation around youorientation to achieving resultsorganizational capacityability to share responsibility

What you can do, learn to do or outsource…

develop communication skillsresearch the options/issuescreate support networksdraw people into the projectwork with teams and helpersdelegate responsibilityresolve conflictsassess risksplanbudget and do the booksraise the fundsmanage the paperworkpromote and advertise your projectbuild the infrastructuremonitor and evaluate the resultsplan your exit so your idea lives on

Your Idea


Follow these steps to hatch your idea successfully. Write up a storm or talk through these questions with a friend or colleague.

Step One asks you to dig into your idea and fully describe it. Step Two asks you to create a flight plan to get you to where you want to go. Step Three urges you to get cracking. Put your plan into action! Step Four is all about celebrating your success and ensuring that your project lives on.

Save your work as you go and we’ll send you a PDF. If you prefer to work in Word click here.

Step 1 of 4


  • This is your opportunity to dream and to create a picture of your idea making a difference to someone, your community, even the world! Look at your idea from all angles. Get your idea out of your head and onto paper or a screen where you can look at it objectively. Hints and tips – • set yourself some deadlines for doing this ground work. • your idea may change (and that’s ok!) with input from others or from unforeseen circumstances. Consider it an opportunity to add, change and improve on your original idea. It will only get better! • remember the movie? Lucky started with umbrellas and ended up with a real roof!
  • Find a Someone to Talk With!

  • In your circle of friends, family and colleagues, who can you talk with? More than one is even better! Create a power group! Look for people who like to bounce ideas around, can think clearly, are good at motivating you and who will provide you with timely and sincere honest feedback as you move forward. Who's in your power group cheering for you?

Your Stories

Please send us your stories about your projects. Inspire us with how you hatched your idea! Fill out the form below and we will post your stories and a photo or two (.jpg’s please)

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Resources for you

Let’s build a list of helpful resources together! If you have a book, website, film, TED Talk, article, or link that can help others hatch their ideas, please send it to us using the contact form found in the Your Questions section of the website. And, make sure to send us your stories to inspire and help others.

One of the biggest questions that idea hatchers face for community projects relates to funding. And one of the best sources of funding can often be local community foundations. In Canada, check out the Community Foundations of Canada website to find a foundation close to you. In addition, Wikipedia lists over 2,000 foundations in Canada, including corporate and personal foundations.

If you are envisaging a large project, a business plan is a very good idea. There are many examples on the web that will help you deepen your analysis of your proposed project.

Leadership is key to hatching any idea and there are many books, articles, talks, and websites devoted to this topic. Project management is another hot topic. There will be a variety of information sources to suit your idea. While most material is devoted to business development, look for the features that will apply to your project.

Toastmasters International

Presenting your idea effectively is REALLY important. If you have any fear of speaking in public look for a Toastmasters club near you. This tried and true program will take [...]

Give Me a Break

The Art of Making Time Work for You, the sub title of this book by Hugh Culver (Kaire Publishing), points you towards strategies for becoming more effective and more productive. [...]

Will It Fly?

This book by Thomas K. McKnight is a must read for anyone contemplating a new business idea. And it is an invaluable resource for not-for-profit undertakings as well. The sub-title [...]

How to Get Ideas

"First, How to Get Ideas shows you how to condition your mind to become "idea-prone", utilize your sense of humor, visualize your goals, rethink your thinking, and conquer your fear [...]

Our Story

Hatching this idea has been a long journey!

A long time ago I realized that I was always working on the next big idea. Some worked! But some didn’t. Why?

This question led me to Royal Roads University for two years of research into why some people are more successful idea hatchers than others. Along the way a light bulb went on. Idea hatchers tap into a set of characteristics, knowledge, skills and behaviours (aka competencies) that enable them to realize their dreams. Even if they do not have everything on the list, really successful idea hatchers know where to get help and then do it.

Seeing one of Keith Picot’s wonderful films at our local cinema inspired the idea of using this medium to show how to draw on our competencies to hatch an idea.

So here we are! This project is for you! There are no fees, gimmicks or sales pitches. Please just use what works for you as you hatch your idea! And, please send us your stories and helpful resources (books, websites, etc) so you can inspire others too.

Thank you to everyone who helped me research the competencies, shaped this work, worked on the film and website, and supported me throughout.


Over to you now – here’s to you hatching YOUR idea!

Lucky’s Big Idea

Actors: Mary Lynn and Paul Devereux, Lucky Douglas, John Gogo, Rosemary Harbrecht, Dana, Jamie & Boone Harris, Ken Marr, Nora Layard, Shaun Luttin, David Schmidt, Robert Shoore, Vince Taylor

Written & Directed by: Keith Picot, Hek’s Half Acre Productions
Producer:  Nora Layard

With special thanks to: Anglican Parish, Ben Velthuizen, Bohemia Consignment, Katie at Culture Salon, The Local Barbershop, Doug Penhale (Title Card), Hayley Picot, Leonard Picot, Robert Shoone (Vintage Car), Grant Simpson (Music), Shank (Font), Windsor Plywood, Yum Kitchen

Filmed on location on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada and at Hek’s Half Acre Studio.

Website Design: Our thanks go to Dave at Imagine That Graphics!

Keith Picot

Keith Picot is a silent film director and writer, a musician, a barber, a builder, and an all-round amazing man. I could not have asked for a better colleague. I encourage you to see his other films at www.keithpicot.com.

Nora Layard

Nora’s new passion – film making! What fun! When not hatching ideas, Nora is a print maker, gardener, and home renovator.

Your Questions

Please send us your stories, photos, helpful resources, and feedback so that we can make this an inspirational and useful go-to site when you want to hatch an idea.  Teachers, please consider using this site with your students to help them with their class projects. Your input will be valuable for us and for others! Thank you.

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Persons using this website do so at their own risk. Successful projects are yours to create, and if they don’t flourish we cannot be held responsible.


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